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Maybe it's the recent fever.  Or maybe a big fresh pile of squishy dyed yarn I needed to test out. 

Lots of dying

But I can, in fact, still knit it seems.  A big, chunky, quick and easy cowl that I knocked out in just a day.  

I knit cables?!

Now I just need to figure out the whole how-the-heck-do-I-put this-thing-on-and-off-with-glasses bit.  Cowls are clearly a tricky fashion choice with nerd glasses.

I've lost track of the times I've been asked "so, I mean, what do you do with it?"  In some ways it's the obvious question - I'm making yarn, and yarn is largely defined by its purpose as a craft supply, a means to artisan knitting or crochet or weaving or other textile projects.  "I look at it."  It seems like a cheap answer.

And sometimes I make those yarns, the rhythm of creating a smooth consistent thread is a type of full body meditation in and of itself.  But when I switch from being a spinner to being a Spinner, the yarn itself becomes the point.  I'm looking to create a piece that stands on its own as a sculptural work.  If it inspires someone to transform it again into something new, that's delightful and an amazing form of collaboration and transformation - to see what my work becomes from someone else's viewpoint.  For me, though, I don't need it to feel like I'm finished creating.

Hottea Installation

I stumbled onto Hot Tea's show at a local salon and couldn't stop smiling.  A rainbow of cut threads hanging from the ceilling - an archway from the side and something completely new lying underneath them. 

Hottea Installation

This I love; pieces of yarn, hanging, just to look at, to appreciate for their form and color and abundance.

Hottea Installation

You can go take a peek for yourself through the end of the month, I believe, at the Haus Salon on Nicollet.