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Three ounces or more in, and there's still lots of room for more.

Local dark silver coarse mohair, Iowa teeswater locks, and silky silver Wensleydale. The singles have a personality, but I can't really tell what they want next. Thread ply? Chain ply? Pair them up with contrasting locks? Shock them and full them for some hairy singles?

Spinning for Texture

The super giant, unreasonably big flyer for my wheel is here and I can't stop playing. The whole scrap bin is getting roughly carded together for big core spun yarn. Love (1) for this thing.

I think some hairy Icelandic tailspun is in my sights next...

New Toys!

If you haven't been yarn hunting in Anoka, there's a sweet yarn shop just off Main Street - The Shepherdess (aka Shepherd's Choice). And if you can make it past the gorgeous collection of yarns downstairs, they've added a co-op space for fiber artists upstairs.

Wheels, looms, local alpaca and mohair and batts, and fun for me to join them all with yarn and fiber. I've got a regular shop space now!

Setting up shop in Anoka

Setting up shop in Anoka