Spinning for Tour de Fleece: Studies in Scale
State Fair Preview!

Because I actually made something.  Two really, but I gave up the knit version before I even took pictures.  Rookie mistake.


Simple crochet, with one skein of sock yarn held double and two skeins of art yarn for the lengthwise scarf.  I love it, and just need to find somewhere long enough to block it.  And somewhere it is less than 95 degrees out so I can show off and wear it for more than the 45 seconds it takes to get a photo.

Art yarn scarf

Plus, psssst, there's stuff in the Etsy shop again after a very, very long time there in the sidebar.  Free shipping for orders over $35, and all products guaranteed to have been fondled by a genuine roller derby lady.

Yarn dying is afoot

And now time to collect the yarn for a Tour de Fleece finale glamour shoot.


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