Tour de Fleece
A Short Break from Spinning-related Posts

If you're in the group of spinners who haven't been playing along, we're 15 days into the Tour de France, fêted among spinners by commiting to spin (and often watch the race) every day the cyclists ride under the moniker "Tour de Fleece".  I've been taking advantage of the project to experiment alonside some routine spinning, including some experimenting with how the scale and dimension changes the character of the yarn.

I'm on my third variation of the same yarn among my projects, "It's Complicated":

It's Complicated.

I've been playing on and off with oversized yarn, and this corespun then chain-plied bit of fluff is dense and massive.  The scale of it changes the character of the yarn, and this thumb-sized diameter reminds me of decorative uniform cording more than yarn.  In part I think it's the size of it, and in part how aggressively textured it becomes when spun as a multi-ply yarn.

"Taking Flight", with the same corespun fibers and a few more feathers, is a delicate little thing.  One half of it was plied withwool-silk laceweight:

Taking flight

The other half of Taking Flight is sturdier, plied with lime green wire.  With the sculptural wire ply, a bit of traditional knotwork, it's becoming an oversized bangle bracelet.  The beauty of the knot is a bit lost in the texture of the yarn, so I'm not entirely pleased with it.  I am really liking the structural possibilities here and think I need some more wire-based yarns to repeat this.



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