State Fair Preview!
Slippers and Weaving and Shows, Oh My!

Remember back in, oh, August?  When I totally promised I would have pictures of the fiber arts (AND SEED ART <3!!) from the State Fair?  Yeeeeeeeeah. 6 months later I finally got all those pictures off my phone*.

There's this beautiful rug - I wanna make batts inspired by this palette:


Want this rug. Gorgeous

It's Minnesota, so there's always some sort of stunning Bohus knitting entry.  Knowing how long it takes me to knit, and how tiny and fuzzy those stitches are - these are always worth staring at in awe.

Always amazed by Bohus.

The cables! So many perfect, perfect cables. How do you cable knitters do this? I mean, the making-a-cable-cross part I get.  The row counting involved? Mind-boggling.

Fiber arts entries I love.

Another batt-inspiring palette.  And how the heck do I make a yarn with the texture like this?  It reminds me of lichen, and lichen are as cool as a man in a fez and a bowtie.

Arts entries I love.

Also, Seed Art. Did I mention the Seed Art? Crop art made with amazing dedication, and the entries are inevitably a range of Minnesota-pride, pointed political commentary, and a few characters who recur year after year (Bad Seed is my favorite of the serially (cereally?) appearing).

Political Weiner Seed Art

My tens** of loyal readers are now all caught up on the happenings of August 2012. Given that I didn't really have any Superbowl predictions, nor insights into the Pope news, I'm pretty sure you haven't missed any breaking news on my account...

*Ever wonder how long it takes to get 487 photos off your phone when you can't find the cable for your phone and have to borrow an old iPod one that is almost the same? Long enough that the computer gets alarmingly warm at the USB port.

**Number slightly exaggerated for dramatic effect.


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