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Hello to all the charming new people I met at Craft'za this weekend!

Since this website is only infrequently updated (Facebook is much more active if you're into that sort of thing...), you can find Goldfish Love yarns and kits and sometimes me at Anoka Fiber Works.

What have I been doing instead of updating my page? Lots of fun things.

Getting ready for a Ravelry 101 class at AFW next Saturday. Writing gift knit patterns like these slippers I've been slightly obsessed with:

My Aviary-Edited Photo

Working on an amazing coat for myself in a garment design class I'm taking:

My Aviary-Edited Photo

Practicing twill weaving on my mini travel loom from Becka Rahn:
My Aviary-Edited Photo

Weaving up some colorful scarves for NoCoast:

My Aviary-Edited Photo

And working up some yarns for an upcoming art yarn class series at the Weaver's Guild of Minnesota this winter:

Layered Art Yarn